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Brands - Wind assessment

Greenbyte AB is a Swedish software company in the renewable energy sector founded in 2010.
Breeze Development software is for wind developers and consultants managing professional wind resource assessments.
Breeze Production software is for wind farm owners and operators seeking to maximize production from their wind assets.
Greenbyte uses its expertise in wind power, computer science and modern interface design to create products that generate valuable and actionable insights for increased power output.
Our customers range from wind farm developers to owners and operators that own assets such as wind turbines met masts, or remote sensing devices. Their common need is to understand large sets of data from different sources.

Breeze Development
Wind resource assessment web-based software system to improve wind data quality and save time in wind measurement campaigns.
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Breeze Production
Wind farm management web-based software system to track lost production, identify under-performing wind turbines and improve profitability.
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