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Applications - Wireless

"Connected Industry" / Automazione Industriale - Carrelli AGV
Reti WiFi per un’ Industria sempre connessa - Infrastrutture, reti Mesh, Bridge – Coperture Indoor/Outdoor - Affidabilità e flessibilità per le tue applicazioni mobili: controllo e monitoraggio di AGV, Carri ponte, macchine rotanti
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Obstruction Lighting for Towers - FAA and ICAO compliant
Carmanah's simple and self-contained obstruction marking lights are perfect for marking towers and other obstructions for aerial and ground navigation, such as telecom towers, powerlines, fence and barricade lighting, haul road marking, railway blue flag protection, equipment marking and more.
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Efficiency and reliability in clean and wastewater treatment
HS-Vesi has trusted in SATEL radio technology for years in their water treatment systems, and have installed more than 200 SATELLINE serial communication radio modems.
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SATEL Case study: Securing irrigation in Turkey
Thanks to a radio router network it has been possible to implement an irrigation system for a wide dry area in Turkey, where the particular climatic and logistic conditions make it difficult to preserve cultivations.
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Monitoring temperature in refrigerated trucks
By integrating digital sensors into our active RFID solutions, ELA Innovation developed a complete line of novel RFID sensors dedicated to monitoring and tracking temperature and other physical parameters for transport, health, and agri-food sectors, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. With our innovative technology, fleet management solutions providers can track and manage all types of equipment and people in real time.
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ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems
Variable Messaging, real-time passenger information, traffic light priority, remotely controlled vehicles: this is what ITS is all about - technological wireless solutions to improve road safety and reduce traffic congestion.
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HotSpot Solution for WiFi Internet connection
How retailers, hotels, and restaurants can set up a successful and powerful hotspot solutions for their customers.
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WLAN in Warehouses and Production Environments
2,4 and 5 GHzI WLan WiFi solutions are widely used by the industrial world. Just look at automised industrial manufacturing and logistics. Teldat's WI bintec series of industrial products meets the most demanding needs of reliability, speed and roaming.
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Wireless surveillance system and alarm transfer networks
SATEL radio modems, equipped with an auxiliary power source, are worldwide used to increase the security level both of public buildings and of private homes.
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WLan WiFi Solutions for Public Transportation (Automotive, Buses, Trains)
Buses and tramways networks play an essential role in modern cities. Economical, ecological and flexible, they open new perspectives for a future serving mobility. Innovative solutions are imagined to provide information, communication, comfort and safety to users and operators.
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High Performance WLan Bridge
WLAN technology allows the implementation of point-to-point connections in a simple and efficient way.
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Wireless Solutions for Railroad
Cellular and GSM-R Routers
Rugged 3G routers and Wi-Fi solutions for applications including:
• Positive Train Control (PTC)
• Passenger Convenience
• Monitoring/Maintenance of the rail ecosystem
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