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Data loggers
Professional Data Loggers for Wind Resource Assessment
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Sensors and instrumentation
Sensors and instrumentation for wind resource assessment
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Wind Farm Management and Assessment Software
Cloud-based software for wind farms monitoring, data analysis and actionable information about wind farm performance.
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LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) - Instruments for wind assessment from 10 up to 200 metres
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Sonic wind profiler for accurate wind data at heights up to 200 meters
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Small-scale wind assessment - Data loggers and sensors
Kit data logger SDLmini100 and sensors for small-scale wind assessment
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Tubular masts and lattice towers
• anemometric tubular masts for wind in CLASS 1 from 30 up to 80 metres
• guyed and self-supporting towers from 30 up to 145 metres
and accessories
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Solar obstruction lights
Perfect to signal masts, lattice towers and obstacles of any kind.
Completely stand-alone, easy to install and relocate.
Equipped with solar panels, batteries, crepuscular sensors and electronics.
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• Installation of tubular and lattice towers (overall Europe)
• Professional report installation of tubular or lattice towers
• Site survey and finding sites of interest
• Technical assistance
• Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
• Data validation
• Agreements with local authorities, obtaining concessions and surface rights, management authorization process
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