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Brands - Wireless

Founded in 2000, ELA Innovation is positioned as a major player in the French market for UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) active radio-frequency identification – RFID.
The activities of the Company hinge around the research and development, the manufacturing and the sales of High Range RFID Solutions.
The catalogue includes a wide range of industrial readers and active RFID tags with very compact form factors, based upon Ultra Low Power (ULPW) design, offering a high level of lifecycle. Thanks to these key features, ELA's Active RFID solutions fit for a large number of customer applications. Forerunner in its domain, ELA Innovation has a strong R&D policy focused on a sustainable development approach, with electromagnetic emissions and ecological impacts among the lowest in the market.

Active RFID and BLUE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Tags and Badges
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Active RFID readers
Wide range of active RFID readers to facilitate integration of your RFID solution. RS-232, RS485, USB, TCP IP, Wi-Fi, Wiegand, Clock&Data ...
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Active wireless RFID sensors
Temperature - Motion - Humidity - Digital/Anlogue Input - Magnetic
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BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Identifiers tags and Sensors
Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and sensors.
Their standardized, non-proprietary protocol allows simple installation. BLE beacons and industrial sensors provide ultra-long range and ultra-low consumption.
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BLE tags and sensors for Wirepas MESH connectivity
Mobile beacons enables real-time locating and tracking of people and equipment on a large scale thanks to our Wirepas Mesh range of identifying beacons. Mesh technology, allows to create a mesh of beacons making it possible to locate and trace people and equipment with a precision ranging from 5 to 10 meters. Its 100% autonomous system and its very simple infrastructure guarantee a low cost of installation.
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