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RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) is based upon the propagation of electromagnetic waves through the air, to allow automatic ("hands-free"), massive and remote identification of objects, animals and persons, both static and moving.

An RFID system is usually made of three fundamental elements:
> a reader
> one or more active RFID tags
> one information system to manage data

When we speak of active RFID tags, we refer to tags that are self-powered (normally, they have a long-life battery lasting until 10 years), and sometimes are equipped with integrated sensors (temperature, humidity, motion, magnetic, etc.). The transmission of the Tag towards the reader can be either spontaneous (based upon the activation's frequency set) or "activated" by a specific device.
Thanks to UHF radio transmission technology, active RFID tags can trasmit and receive data until 150 meters.

Among the most common applications of the active RFID technology, we find:
• personal safety
• work safety
• radio traceability
• antitheft systems
• "hands-free" vehicles access to closed areas (i.e. parkings)
• inventory and logistics
• shipment tracking
• environmental survey.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Identifiers tags and Sensors
Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and sensors.
Their standardized, non-proprietary protocol allows simple installation. BLE beacons and industrial sensors provide ultra-long range and ultra-low consumption.
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BLE MESH Wirepas - Localizzazione e tracking
Beacon e Sensori BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) industriali con tecnologia MESH Wirepass per tracking e localizzazione di beni, mezzi e persone su larga scala con una precisione dai 5 ai 10 metri, sia in indoor che outdoor. Sistema autonomo al 100%, garantisce bassi costi di installazione grazie alla semplicità dell'infrastruttura.
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Beacon e Sensori BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) industriali.
Di semplice installazione grazie al protocollo standardizzato e non proprietario. Ampio range di copertura e batterie di lunga durata.
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BLE Quuppa AOA (Angle of Arrive) - RTLS
Beacon con una precisione di localizzazione inferiore ad 1 m. Tag certificati Quuppa.
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Active wireless RFID sensors
Temperature - Motion - Humidity - Digital/Anlogue Input - Magnetic
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Active RFID and BLUE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Tags and Badges
Click to see the whole range of RFID tags and badges
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Active RFID readers
Wide range of active RFID readers to facilitate integration of your RFID solution. RS-232, RS485, USB, TCP IP, Wi-Fi, Wiegand, Clock&Data ...
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